There’s a lovely review for Cooking with Bones up on the Waterstones website (link is below):

“In a town with many superstitions and deep rooted memories two sisters arrive, one running and one being pulled by want, from a suffocating existence to find a house steeped in purpose. One finds new wonders in the kitchen while the other feels lost and disconnected. Then a tragic event rips through them and threatens to tear deep into the town’s fragile balance.

Richard’s characters are superbly real, each voice unique within their own mind. Even Maya, a formwanderer (someone who takes on the guise of what whoever is looking at her wants to see), has her own lost and fractured personality. Amber, Maya sister, is very much a young woman finding her place while being lost for most of her youth. The more secure she becomes the more lost Maya feels. Kip is just growing up and makes some wonderfully naïve yet astute statements about the world and people…

Deep and beautifully constructed, Richards’s second novel is sure to engross and engage first time readers. If you are already a fan however why are you reading this? You should be nose deep in the book itself by now.”

by Toby Palfreyman


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