LEARN THIS PHRASE review for Cooking with Bones

So lovely to see this review on the day of the launch party to celebrate Cooking with Bones.

Beautifully written by ‘Blair’. She has a great website and has written several thoughtful and intelligent reviews of a wide variety of books. So it’s a website that’s well worth exploring. Here’s a small taster of her review for Cooking with Bones:

“There are so many different things to be fascinated by inĀ Cooking With Bones: while it’s an oddity, it also has something for everyone. It’s a dystopian fantasy, a murder mystery, a ghost story and a coming-of-age tale (about more than one character), with sex scenes that are more erotic than most of the stuff you find in erotic novels, but are also weird and discomfiting. It’s a story about a girl who wants to be a woman, a girl who doesn’t know what she wants to be (even though she could be anything at all), and a boy who might want to be a girl (or might just want to wear their clothes). It’s about loving your family, leaving your family, taking on a new identity, the enduring power of stories; the power of fear, fearlessness, lust, fate, and getting to know who you really are. It’s like science fiction rewritten by an author of centuries-old fairytales and then rewritten again by a modern-day feminist. There are so many ways it could be read – so many layers of meaning and mystery – but at its heart, it’s also an enjoyable, emotive, funny story with great characters, and despite all the strangeness, it’s very human.”


You can read Blair’s full review for Cooking with Bones by following this link:


and you can visit her website on this one:



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