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First Reading in New Zealand

I was invited to read on a Speculative Fiction panel at Palmerston North Library alongside Kiwi writer, Tim Jones. It was so nerve-wracking to read for the first time here …Read More


  searching for isolation Isolation Blog #1 Searching for somewhere isolated involves interacting with many people. Banks, the inland revenue, and many mailing lists want an actual address rather than …Read More


A year on from writing LIFE SIZE http://scottishbooktrust.com/blog/writing/2014/09/life-size-by-jess-richardsĀ at the Ardtornish Retreat, I have written UNDROWNED, which is a creative response to performing in Sally J Morgan’s ambitious and brave project …Read More

Snake Ropes Sub Domain

http://snakeropes.jessrichards.com/ This was the original website for Snake Ropes, and a few people have said they miss it, so I’m posting it here. Jay Roberts did a fantastic job on …Read More

Ardtornish Writers Retreat 2014

Ardtornish Writers Retreat 2014 (Scottish Book Trust) I am so honoured to have been awarded this fantastic opportunity. Can’t wait for June… am packing already. (It’s April.) Just, you know. …Read More

Author’s Lifestyles

Workshy Fop interviewed me and three other authors and has written a really interesting piece. It’s all about the varying lifestyles of writers. I used to have a ‘lifestyle’. I’m …Read More