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Ardtornish Writers Retreat 2014

Ardtornish Writers Retreat 2014 (Scottish Book Trust) I am so honoured to have been awarded this fantastic opportunity. Can’t wait for June… am packing already. (It’s April.) Just, you know. …Read More

Author’s Lifestyles

Workshy Fop interviewed me and three other authors and has written a really interesting piece. It’s all about the varying lifestyles of writers. I used to have a ‘lifestyle’. I’m …Read More


I’ve been making some ‘broken bits of time’ clocks. The hands move round, they tick, but they don’t tell anything. We force clocks to tell us the time. It’s all …Read More


During the w/c October the 28th, I’ll be teaching prose to a schools group at the Arvon Foundation in Devon. I’ve written some creative exercises involving minuscule short stories, free-writing, …Read More

Brighton City Reads 2013

I’ll be appearing during Brighton City Reads at Waterstones. Do┬ácome along on September the 19th 2013. (7.30pm) There are some fantastic events to choose from, and of course, the main …Read More

Cove Park

I’m honoured to have been awarded a six week Literature Residency at Cove Park. During┬áJuly and August 2013, I’ll be in Scotland fully appreciating the unpredictable weather, lochs, mud, highland …Read More

Book Based Banter / The Readers

Simon and Gavin interviewed me about Snake Ropes, with some great questions from themselves and other readers. The interview can be found here: http://bookbasedbanter.co.uk/thereaders/ They’ve got a great website, many …Read More


To follow up after his review of Cooking with Bones, Workshy Fop has posted a recent interview: http://workshyfop.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/sci-fi-with-recipes-interview-with-jess.html He came up with some really thought-provoking questions. There are some other …Read More