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A thoughtful and passionately written review for Cooking with Bones has been posted by Workshy Fop.

Cooking with Bones showcases Richards’s ability to write with powerful imagination and invent distinctive voices for her characters. She moves between settings and narrative voices seamlessly, creating a world which is at once magical and unsettling. Her fiction is concerned with people who exist on the margins of society; women such as Old Kelp whose knowledge makes them figures of suspicion in superstitious communities, and adolescents who enjoy neither the protected status of children nor the self-assurance of adulthood. It is no coincidence that the real-life inspirations for both of her novels are located on the boundaries of the UK…”

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“Reviews, interviews & rants – focusing on literary fiction and independent publishers. Looking for books which reject the rational & everyday: I want myth-makers, cat-worshippers and psychogeographers. ‘Persona non Granta’ – 3am Magazine”

He’s got some great interviews and reviews on his blog, alongside some thought-provoking pieces. His ‘Plea for Irrationality’ is particularly convincing:


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