The Kitschies Awards

So proud that my third novel, City of Circles, has been nominated for the red tentacle (novel) category for the Kitschies Awards. Previous winners have included Margaret Atwood, and the selection of several contemporary influential and progressive novels alongside City of Circles makes this shortlisting very special.  I was honoured to have the opportunity to attend the award ceremony in London in March 2018 with my wonderful Sceptre (Hodder) editor Francine Toon, and my friend and new literary agent, Johnathan Ruppin. It was a fantastic event, which was truly representative of the Kitschies mission statement: to reward the ‘most progressive, intelligent and entertaining books that have elements of the speculative and fantastic.’

A moving description on twitter included comments from the judges:

Shortlisted: CITY OF CIRCLES, by “This book really moved me.” “The way it deals with grief is so raw and real”

Congratulations to all the nominees and the overall winners. So happy to be included on the shortlist for this amazing and important award.





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