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“Snake Ropes is a stand alone book for me; I’ve not been so affected by an author ever before; it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.”

“Snake Ropes is one of the most extraordinary books I’ve read in the last few years, depicting a world which will not be confined to some typed pages but which will suck you in, deposit you on a bleak and distant island and refuse to let you leave.”

“Just like the Snake Ropes of the title this tale twists around and around, forming a pattern of events that will hook you in and not let go. To think that this is a debut novel! I can’t wait for what Jess Richards has in store for her readers next.”

“A mystical book where a harsh self-sufficient lifestyle meets myths, legends and magic… an unusual, haunting debut novel.”

“The story is in parts almost dreamlike as it unravels and reveals more in each chapter before reshaping itself and creating a stirring finale. There is magic, folklore, human frailty and strength throughout the book. Absolutely brilliant, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read anything out of the norm.”

“It is rare to come across a tale as rich, and as evocatively written, as Jess Richards’ Snake Ropes. The created mythology, the strong female characters and the dynamics of their relationships all call to mind such greats as Margaret Atwood, and the fact that this is a debut novel is, quite simply, astonishing.”

“Tap the title into Google, and you see that there’s quite some literary buzz around this novel. Having just finished it, I can see why – Jess Richards’ first novel is one of the most exciting debuts I’ve read. Set on a remote, fictional island somewhere out beyond St Kilda, it owes as much to folk and fairy tale as it does to modern speculative and slipstream fiction.”

“A masterful debut, I wager that this novel will be unlike any other you’ve read before. Truly original, at times it appears as if it were the brainchild of a fevered imagination, with dreamlike, almost hallucinogenic, qualities, at others, to be the essence of every dark fairy-tale you know. It is in turns atmospheric, threatening, enigmatic, puzzling, but also filled with love and hope, and extremely memorable. It exerts a grip on the reader that doesn’t stop with the closing of the back cover.”

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