Snake Ropes reviewed at We Love This Book

Snake Ropes was reviewed on the We Love This Book website:

The islanders live by their own creeds, trade with the tall men their only contact with the mainland.

Just one family has travelled to settle there, but eldest daughter Morgan must wait until she’s 21 to learn the secrets told only in the women’s sanctum, the Weaving Rooms. Meanwhile, Mary’s little brother Barney has been snatched by a trader, like many boys before, and she seeks justice from the Thrashing House, a mysterious place said to have grown from the island’s last tree. From the islanders’ subtle Creole to their myths of sea and sky and earth, Jess Richards has nurtured a remarkable community, their home glimpsed in the sea-mist like a new Avalon. Angela Carter or Laura Esquivel would have been proud of this.

The review was published here: www.welovethisbook.com

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