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Shedding Skin

I just watched a snake shed his skin. He peeled himself out of it or it off himself with muscular movements the old skin lying in the sand shapes of …Read More

The Jugglers

For C.Y.   Juggler I To throw these plates in perfect balance as if lighter than the weight of thoughts, I must believe I’ve taken them from some dream of …Read More

Objects as Writing Prompts

I found a small bridal shoe in an alleyway a few years ago. It looked as if Cinderella had run away. Remembering her ugly sisters, I collected toenail clippings for …Read More


I like the condensed nature of poems: they’re great for capturing a theme, a moment, an emotion. Many poems I write, I’d never show anyone. I use them as sketches …Read More

Foyles’ interview

I was interviewed by Foyles on the origins of my debut novel Snake Ropes. The full interview and a short story can be read on the author page on the …Read More