Shedding Skin

I just watched a snake shed his skin. He peeled himself out of it or it off himself with muscular movements the old skin lying in the sand shapes of …Read More

The Jugglers

For C.Y.   Juggler I To throw these plates in perfect balance as if lighter than the weight of thoughts, I must believe I’ve taken them from some dream of …Read More

Ardtornish Writers Retreat 2014

Ardtornish Writers Retreat 2014 (Scottish Book Trust) I am so honoured to have been awarded this fantastic opportunity. Can’t wait for June… am packing already. (It’s April.) Just, you know. …Read More

Author’s Lifestyles

Workshy Fop interviewed me and three other authors and has written a really interesting piece. It’s all about the varying lifestyles of writers. I used to have a ‘lifestyle’. I’m …Read More