During the w/c October the 28th, I’ll be teaching prose to a schools group at the Arvon Foundation in Devon. I’ve written some creative exercises involving minuscule short stories, free-writing, theft of opening lines, beginnings and endings, killer opening lines and characters’ voice experiments.

My co-tutor is Cliff Yates – who is a brilliant poet, writer, and teacher. I’m looking forward to working with him and participating in his poetry workshops.


Having said all that, there is a storm coming in just as everyone involved will be gearing up to travel. Am hoping everyone makes it to Devon safely. Extreme weather and rails aren’t always compassionate travel companions. Though soaked, growling and leaf-tangled may be the best way to arrive in an ancient farmhouse which has no mobile signal… I’ll be looking out for the hungry ghosts and offering them chocolate squares in return for their stories.

Have borrowed a raincoat. So will travel.

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